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Hello!!! I'm so excited to hear that you are interested in this incredible business! Below you will find TONS of helpful information to answer questions about what we do and why we do it! There are links for you to click on, videos for you to watch and articles for you to read. Have fun with it, grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the questions you have for me. I'm excited to chat with you soon!

Forbes just compiled their list of the top 50 most successful, self-made women!

Who do I see? Our founders of Rodan + Fields & the creators of Proactiv, Dr Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields!
I'm so proud to have partnered with them (& share in the profits) as they establish their next billion dollar global skincare brand! You should too! Check out the FORBES article!

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Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields were named by Investopedia as two of the "10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of the Decade" alongside Oprah, Tory Burch, Beyoncé, Arianna Huffington and Sara Blakely (Spanx!). Out of all the dynamic women, only our Dr's are gracious enough to offer the opportunity to directly partner in their success. Their mission is to empower smart and savvy folks like us to start micro-businesses all over the US and Canada, and they're providing us with everything we need to be as successful as we want.

Read the full INVESTOPEDIA article.

The Today Show had a segment on the power of direct sales recently and it highlighted Rodan + Fields and featured our doctors! See the video for yourself here:

Gotta love FREE press!!!

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Without a proven product, our business model would mean nothing. We use a multi-med layering therapy which gets incredible results! When used as a regimen, our products are prescription strength, which is what sets us apart from other MLM skincare companies. That and the press we get, and the awards and that we were in retail. Sorry Mary Kay. In 2002 R+F launched in retail and quickly rose to the top as a top selling line in Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Bloomingdales and the number one clinical line in Nordstrom.

In an unprecedented move, they pulled out of retail and entered the direct sales market. Putting their products in the hands of people that were passionate about them while capitalizing on social commerce. You can read more about that transition in an ARTICLE from Direct Selling News. Most Influential Woman in Direct Sales and she is a FORCE. Really admire her direction. People ask why we would ever pull out of retail?? In ONE month, we now sell 5x what we did in an ENTIRE year at Nordstrom. We have already hit 200 million in our first 5 years and are on our way to becoming a billion dollar company, growing in the triple digits every year. This company is growing at lightning speed.

As Katie Rodan has said, "We are just getting started." R+F is set for global expansion this year. They just hit the ground running in Canada and are moving into Asia and Europe next. We are on the ground floor with only 60K reps in the United States! There is so much growth happening every single day, which makes this the perfect time to start your own business with Rodan + Fields before everyone you know is doing it!!


The start up investment is your "BUSINESS KIT" which includes products that you will use personally as well as show to others. The kits range from $45 – $995. I recommend the $995 or $695 (I bought $695 so that I could get my hands on the whole line, plus the tools!). I think it’s important to have the Macro and Amp MD roller in your kit. 1) you will love using them! 2) it’s important to show potential customers as most will want as part of their personal regimen! For a comparison of what's in the kits, click HERE.

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Your ongoing monthly commitment will be $100. This is simply to "keep the lights on" in your business. Most franchises require you to pay rent, have employees, payroll taxes, etc. We are just required to use the products so we are a walking billboard for R+F and to have the products to show to others. Same as walking into Nordstrom - you want to see the sample to try on your hand or smell it first!! Your $100 will consist of $20 for your business websites and $80 to restock your personal product and business kit at wholesale cost. And it's all tax deductible.


Make a list of people you think would love Rodan + Fields and start getting together with them! Don’t judge whether they will just want products or be interested in the business - let them decide that!! We have created wonderful resources that help you get your business off the ground fast!! The group support we have created makes this a business that ANYONE can do. We are all busy professionals with other careers and obligations. Work hard. Play harder. We love what we do.

The Guarantee

Rodan + Fields offers a 60 day money back guarantee for BOTH customers and consultants, so if you try this and find that it’s not for you after two months, you can get your money back, which really shows you that there is NO RISK to give it a shot!!

Those Who Paved the Way...

If you are worried about how to make your business grow, Premier Level 5 leaders Rachel Cannon and her sister Lacy Cunningham (who are just a few levels above me) have developed a program that helps to set up your business strong in your first two months as well as offer monthly trainings where you can continue to learn and grow. They have put their unique spin on this business opportunity - making it a fun, dynamic social atmosphere where everyone is able to build their business with a strong foundation. In addition to that, we are part of a larger upline, led by RFx Circle Achiever, Christy Nutter one of the companies top leaders, Karen Rector & Julianne Hoerman,both Elite Level 5 Lexus Earners. We get so much training and support from this lineage and the examples of what is possible with Rodan + Fields as we watch them blaze the trail before us. Our team has a unique, encouraging and fun culture and will help equip you for success. From lawyers and corporate executives to actresses and stay at home moms, our team is comprised of many different men and women from all walks of life. Work hard. Play harder. We love what we do!

Being Successful in this organization is so attainable! The Team I am on is Cannon & Cunningham-they have provided me with so many resources to success! You have been invited to listen to an informational call led by our team leaders, Rachel Cannon and Lacy Cunningham. These dynamo sisters, in less than a year, have created an incredible team all over the United States. They've designed a training program, templates for us to copy and a strong network of support for us to duplicate their success. Both Premiere Level 5 leaders and Lexus earners, they are seeing our company's commission structure function at the highest level and have earned many company perks including free HD iPads, an all expense paid luxury trip to Napa with the doctors and each earned a Lexus through the company's Lexus Program last Winter. I love working with Rachel & Lacy and know you will enjoy hearing about their belief in this company and what's ahead!

The call is less than 15 minutes and you can listen from your computer. Then we can talk afterwards to answer any questions you may have or get you started on this incredible adventure with us!!

Dial in to see what we are all about by tuning in to the number below:

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What would I be doing?

My favorite part of this job is the social aspect. It's all about business minded people supporting each other. Strong driven people who see the value in ancillary income. This business is comprised of Actresses, Doctors, Salon Owners,+ Attorneys, Advertising Execs, etc.

I love that I am not limited by my zip code. You can have team members all over the United States, most of which I have connected with through social media. Old friends coming back around and making new friendships along the way. We get together and have a cocktail occasionally to brainstorm about our business adventure. We take trips together. We host events together. We are “brand ambassadors”, not SALES people. We don’t have parties. We don't do inventory. We simply represent an award winning product line and share a life changing business opportunity with people we think will love it!!

Too Busy for a Side Gig with R+F?

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