Dead or Alive


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For 1,000,000 univs (currency of the Earthen Union)

The queen of the Lunar kingdom is wanted for the attempted murder of two Lunar princesses. She had tried to murder Princess Selene , the rightful heir to the throne, by burning down her nursery as the infant princess slept. In the aftermath, a charred arm and foot were all that was left in the burnt down room.

Princess Winter, the queen's step-daughter, was loved and adored by everyone. This appeared as a threat to Levana, so in an attempt to mar the princess's beauty, she left three long scars along the side of Winter's face. However, this seemed to make the people love her even more, as it was evidence of the princess's endurance.

As a Lunar, the queen has powers that allow her to manipulate objects and people. She abuses this power, forcing the weak-minded to do her will and sometimes even causing them to inflict pain upon themselves or those they love.

Levana sent several Lunars to Earth with the deadly disease Letumosis. The disease is a plague, killing millions of Earthens who had no idea of its origin or cure. It gave them a slow, painful death, and eventually mutated to kill Lunars as well, who were previously immune to the disease. Levana withheld the antidote, knowing entirely how the Earthen Union would do anything to save its people.

During her brutally deadly reign, the queen killed millions of Lunars and Earthens. Thankfully, her niece Selene didn't die in the nursery fire and became a cyborg going by the name of Cinder. After living on Earth for sixteen years without knowing of her birthright, Cinder came back to Luna to overthrow Levana with a ragtag team of Earthens, Lunars, and droids.

From Winter, the final installment of the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer