Big Walnut Elementary

We are BWE! Staff Update 12.11.15

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  • Important Dates
  • This Week- General Update/Comments
  • Open Office Chats - Next Week
  • Talent Development Program
  • Mid-Year Assessments
  • Clark's Corner
  • Teacher Brags
  • Substitutes (repeat)

Important Dates:

December 14th: Assembly (9:30 pm) *Take notice of the schedule Kathy sent out. I cannot wait to see the performance!!! Great work, Kathy!

December 14th: Winter Musical (6:30 pm)

December 14th - 16th: Candy Cane Shop (Open during recess)

December 17th: Winter Celebrations (2:30)

December 17th: End of 2nd Quarter

December 18th: NO STUDENTS

December 18th: Staff Meeting - holiday themed. See the Social Committee's email.

December 19th - January 3rd: Winter Break

January 4th - Back to School!

Happy Friday!

A little fun....

I am enjoying staff members cutting up a little - sending out JibJabs and fun activities for our staff day on Friday. Let's keep the momentum going! What are more ways to team build? I would love to keep the laughter going. The Jibjabs are hilarious! I have an account if anyone would like access.

Next week is jeans week for Challenge Day. "But that is only 4 days?!" Special request by an unnamed 1st grade teacher...would love the 5th day on January 4th... Go for it!

A little business....

PAC Meeting this week. Touch base with your grade-level rep. for notes and upcoming conversations. This was a productive meeting! To our new staff, the purpose of PAC is to serve as a soundboard for ideas and concerns. PAC and Admin work together to address any obstacles. Our focus? Successful school operations which leads to high student achievement and high employee morale.

Kitchen Dream-Team - What a great meal you provided this week to our staff and students! I can still see the excitement on students' (and teachers!) faces as they saw all the dessert choices!!! What an amazing spread. Thank you for letting me serve and be a part of your happy crew!

Finally, thank you for being incredibly timely with your HQT forms. They have all been submitted to Mrs. Whitsel.

Finally-Finally- I know many of you don't frequent the Boiler Room - but I have to say, it has never looked better! Great job Jim and John! Thanks to our sub, Blair for giving us extra support on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Office Chats

I would love to follow up on some of our conversations from the beginning of the year. Reflecting on the first half of the year, I am always trying to improve my practice. I would love to sit down with you individually, or as a team-however you prefer, to have an informal talk about how I can better support you and your grade-level/content area.

Send me an invite, email me, or pop in!

Talent Development Program with Becky Johnson, Gifted Tutor (K-2)

@BWE from Jan. 4th through Feb. 12th (12:55 - 2:25pm)


Becky was gracious enough to bump her time to accommodate us. She will be able to come to BWE from 12:55 to 2:25. She can do 2nd grade from 12:55 to 1:25 and K (or 1st) from 1:25 to 1:55 then 1st (or K) from 1:55 to 2:25.

Let's finalize the times by Wednesday of next week. Have one rep. from your grade level contact me with your preferences. Check the email I sent for details.

Mid-Year Assessments

Thank you for all your hard work with testing and grading assessments!

All of this data is due to Annie by Thursday 12/17 at 3pm.

Results will be shared next week.

*As you complete grading your assessments, feel free to reach out to Annie or the Tutors if you need a little assistance.

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"Something Old":

PBIS- I put a document in your mailboxes highlighting students that do not yet have their yellow brag tag. Those students are highlighted in green. I also highlighted students in red that are WAY beyond yellow. Ms. Stinnette’s class and the fourth grade students need extra attention with gemstones. Also, at PAC we discussed doing student celebrations twice per month at lunch times to hand out brag tags. We will do a trial next Wednesday ( 12/16) during lunch times. This will be a simple recognition of those students at lunch, all you will need to do is make sure they have their lanyards to lunch with them.

Social Groups- Please start thinking of those students who are “priority” for social groups after break. I want to be effective as possible but am struggling with so many groups. Speaking of social groups, I will try to meet with each group sometime next week! Thank you for your patience, as testing has taken over!

"Something New":

Please make sure that you have given all graded AIMS assessments (MCOMP, MCAP, MAZE), to one of the tutors so that we can begin entering data. Also feel free to hand us your Reading A to Z, sightwords, Newmark, etc. data and we will enter it for you:-)

All small groups will continue next week, with the exception of Kindergarten.

Shout Outs: This week’s shout out goes to anyone and everyone who helped with AIMS testing this week. It went great and all we are working on is the data entry:-)

Upcoming PD:

  • None due to the short month--however please let me know if you are in need of something and I will arrange for some personalized PD:-)

Resource of the Week:

Click here for wonderful alternatives to asking your students “How was your day?” Try one of these once a week as an exit ticket. I’m sure you will learn something new about your students!

Teacher Brags

  • The third grade team would like to brag about Mrs. Keating for helping with third grade AIR testing. They would also like to brag about Mrs. Clark for putting together all of the AIR information.

  • The third grade team would also like to brag about the 2nd and 4th grade teachers for keeping their students quiet during testing. They would also like to brag about all of the specials teachers for being flexible with their schedules the day of testing.

  • Mrs. Clark would like to brag about Miss Coleman, Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Glidden, Mrs. Badger, Mrs. Barno and Mrs. Tarney for helping out with AIMS testing….Thank you


We always need good substitutes! Know anyone; parents, community members, etc...? Please share.