Tacit, If You Bother to Listen

Sarah Marie

November 1 2016 1:48 am - “Tacit, If You Bother to Listen”

I've got few words

And many things to say-

Somehow mountains can speak

Without ever knowing our language.

Somehow we befriend the sunshine

Without telling her our names.

Somehow we harvest from the trees

But can't tell their branches from any other.


Maybe I'll let the haze of the sky

Tell you all about my night,

And when the wind meets your face

You'll hear of my adventures.

Let the colors tell you

How much I truly care.

The world knows best

How to speak with truth.


We all share this experience anyway.

You and I rise in the same dawn,

And sleep under the same moon.

My words have been wrung out completely,

Their meaning soggy in comparison

With what words cannot contain.

So please disregard

What they leave behind

And instead find all I need to say

Where my words can never reach you.


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Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie is a big fan of the sky, pancakes, and dogs. She has lived in the Twin Cities all her life and occupies most of her time with a cup of coffee and some good conversation. Her favorite word is mesosphere. Sarah would like to thank her literature teacher for being such a quintessentially kind and inspiring human.