Lana Del Rey

Model, Singer, & Song Writer

Early Life

Lana Del Rey's real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. She was born June 21, 1985. She is currently 30 years old. She decided to become a musician in 2005, from then on she has built a fan base of millions! When she was 11 she saw Kurt Cobain singing Heart Shaped Box on MTV. She said she became so tied up in it that, the video alone influenced her life and career. When she was 18 she decided to take a leap and moved to New York from Lake Placid. She played clubs and shows but nothing serious. Even through she came from a rich family, she didn't know anyone in the music business to get her where she wanted to go.
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Why Lana Del Rey inspires me?

Lana has over came a lot in her life and has put a lot of work into her career. She was influenced by Nirvina and Frank Sinatura. I also admire Lana because of how she came over her alcohol addiction, and now going of 7 years sober. Her relationships made her unhappy and now instead of drinking about them, she writes about them. When she wrote the song video games she didn't think people would respond or relate to it because of how personal it was. She got the opposite reaction. People loved the song because they found it real and deep and a voice of what actual people go through. I also look up to Lana Del Rey because of her personality. She does things without thinking about others negatives opinion.
Lana Del Rey - Video Games

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She was named GQ Wemon of the year and was nominated for many awards but, I believe that her most important success is how she is able to try any thing and not stress out if she is accepted by our strict society. She believes that it's important to have outliers in our community. That to me is a true success.