Weekly Update

May 10th

Thank you!

I just want to take a minute to say thank you so much for the notes and gifts last week. It truly was appreciated! I love your children and have really enjoyed teaching and watching them grow as learners!


Please send in your child's spring picture money or the pictures by Friday! If you are paying online you still need to send back the envelope with the confirmation number you receive after paying.

Important Dates

May 10th: PTCO Meeting 7:00-8:00

May 11th: Papa John's Night (Hwy 601 location)

May 13th: Parent's Night Out

Proctors Needed

We are in need of approximately 25 Volunteers to Proctor the EOG Testing on May 25 & 26, 2016. Volunteers are asked to be on Campus by 8:20AM and your duty will end between 11:30 and Noon!

What's Going On This Week?

Yesterday started our reading comprehension assessments. One of the other 2nd grade teachers will pull your child and read with them. Just as earlier this year your child will read a leveled book and will need to answer 5 oral questions about the story and respond in written format to 2 questions. Your child will read as many levels until they reach a level that is too difficult for them. The end of the year goal is a level M independently and an N at the instructional level. If your child comes home and tells you that they are a level M or N that is considered on grade level.

Reading: We will begin our final unit of the year. Students will read nonfiction text in small groups. Within the group the students will read different books on the same topic. They will compare and contrast the topic and the information that is similar or different in each book. We will also be taking our last benchmark test on the computer. On this last assessment students are expected to make a level 3.

Social Studies: In this unit students will learn about renewable and nonrenewable resources, natural resources, conservation, and recycle. We will relate all of our learning to the story of The Lorax.

Math: This week we will go over place value to 1,000 and how a number can be shown in different ways. For example: the number 325 can be said as 3 hundreds, 2 tens, and 5 ones or 2 hundreds, 3 tens, and 5 ones. This skill is very important because it helps with students being able to add and subtract using the traditional algorithm. They will understand why you cross out a number and put a 1 next to another number.


Read for 20 minutes

Math Sheet - repeated addition with arrays (Students can write the multiplication fact with the array if they wish.)

Response - Tell how your character feels in the beginning and the end. Explain why their feelings changed throughout the story.

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Video Password

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