What is it?

Quizziz is a multiplayer activity that allows your students to practice together in a fun, interactive, engaging way. You can create your own quizzes or search from a database of public quizzes. You can collect real time data and view reports to students immediate feedback. Quizziz now offers a "homework" feature where you can schedule/assign quizzes to be taken on student's own time or as small group. If you are a fan of kahoot! you will love this tool!

How Can I Use This in my Classroom?

1. Review/preview material that has been covered or will be covered in class.

2. Quickly collect data for grouping or student goal setting.

3. Flipped classroom activity.

4. Assign quizzes to small groups for review using the homework feature.

Check Out the Videos Below!

Quizizz Walkthrough
Quizizz Overview
Creating a Quiz in Quizizz