2015 Year In Review

Renzie E

Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

Apple released a vast amount new of products in the year 2015. They came out with a new version of the iPhone, which is 6 and 6s and added new colors. In addition they released an Apple watch , a new version of an iPad and an apple pen at the end of the year which was a big hit to their target market. Apple's ads were shown everywhere like: Youtube, Facebook,TV commercials and posters were consistently found anywhere.

Lokai is now a very popular brand when it comes to bracelets. They have marketed themselves successfully in the year 2015 that caused possibly most teenagers to want more of their product. By buying their products, costumers are able to help charities the company is partnered with.

3.Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani are known for its known for its handcrafted expandable bangles, chain necklaces & rings that are eco-friendly. I noticed that they are a huge hit in the year 2015 and still are. They have a wide selection for designs that attracts much more costumers.

Best Products of 2015

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Worst Products of 2015

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Top 2 Movies of 2015

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Star wars:
The movie is supposed to be watched in a certain order. Fans are drawn to knowing what will happen next. In addition, because of the people they chose to portray the roles helps the movie to reach it goal.
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Hunger games-
Aside from Starwars, Hunger games Mockingjay part 2 was a big hit to the public. Part 1 came out the year before that , 2014. Fans have been waiting for years to see how the movie will end. The trailer they released were talked about for ages which caused more people to want to watch the movie.

Top worse movies of 2015

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The humor works better than the horror here - indeed, any seasoned viewer of horror movies won't find this remotely frightening. Still, Krampus is entertaining, with a decent message and a solid ending.

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Taken 3-

He never discovers the real killers are returning director Olivier Megaton and producer-auteur Luc Besson, who callously dispose of the sympathetic Lenore to create new motivation for their hero's lethal kinesthesia and for their own chaotic set pieces.

Top Two musical artists of 2015

Taylor Swift

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Taylor swift released her album "1989" late 2014 and had the whole album as a big hit as 2015 came. She had a world tour that helped her promoted herself and the album.

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber made a huge comeback as a music artist. He released his new album "purpose" and got 3 of the songs on top billboard hits for 3 weeks and counting.

Top 5 Songs of 2015

  • Hello- Adele
  • Sorry- Justin Bieber
  • Love yourself- Justin Bieber
  • Hotline Bling- Drake
  • What do you mean?- Justin Bieber

New Year’s Resolutions:

2016 Goal
Personal Improvement

  • Participate more in my Church Youth Group

Family and friends

  • Learn to open up and listen better to friends
School and the outside world

  • Become great in school
  • Interact with more people