The Spanish American War

Michael Kofron

Cuban Independence Coverage

Dear Editor, I've been following the uprising in Cuba for quite some time and I can't help but notice how sensationalized the entire dynamic has become. This is not a bad thing, as it is uniting the people of the United States (and people of the world) against the tyrannical power structures within the area. But I suggest that you tread lightly, because sensationalism at the expense of truth could harm your business. I would like to see more writings about the Cuban Government's so-called "re-concentration camps", and by illustrating the horrors of these places I hope that more can unite against this wicked force.
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de Lome Letter and Spanish Hate of America

While the de Lome letter expressed the private hatred of the United States from Spain's leaders, the recent destruction of the USS Maine serves as an embodiment of these hateful sentiments. Two hundred and sixty men were killed while protecting the interests of our great nation by preventing the continual subjugation of the people of Cuba. We as a nation should view this act as an act of war, a war on our ideals and our freedoms. If we care for our freedoms, then we will act as a nation against this force and prevent further destruction to our people and our interests.
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Report from the Battlefield

The conquer of San Juan Hill has been difficult. There is death here, not from bullets, but from disease that ravage our small camps. I fear that I, too, will suffer from these plagues that are so prevalent here. I'm hearing reports that nearly two thousand of our men have lost their lives so far. I pray for them. It is tough to fight people when your body is too busy fighting infection. But despite our challenges, we are making good progress in helping the Cuban people, we should take the ridge of San Juan by nightfall. I hope I live to see our victory. I hope I can meet Roosevelt and his Rough Riders as well. To shake such a great man's hand would be an honor.
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The Election of 1900

The cartoon below illustrates the presidential election of 1900, between William Jennings Bryan and President McKinley. While McKinley raises the American flag, symbolizing imperialistic tendencies, while Jennings Bryan (an Anti-imperialist) chops at the pole of the flag, symbolizing his belief that the Philippines should remain independent. This was the main debate between the two parties during the election, and the deciding factor for many voters at the time. Later in 1901, the Platt amendment stipulated the conditions for withdrawal from Cuba.
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