Santa's amazing automobile!

BY: Samantha Cohen

The Slay 3000

The car that can go as fast as a sleigh pulled by reindeer
So smooth it's like you are floating on air
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The Slay 3000 has amazing features

  • The comb your beard station
going to a party but forgot your comb for you long white beard? Then the comb your beard station is the perfect thing for you

Cost $

Who could say no to a car like this that only cost 1500$ ?
  • Everyone is buying the Slay 3000, if you are not aware that this is the care that is sweeping the nation than you obviously not cool
  • Jimmy Falon is driving this car. You did not here this from me, but you may be featured on his show if you buy the Slay 3000
  • The Slay 3000 is 50% more effective then the leading brand because it does not take gas. It takes candy canes for the engine to run
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