Like code? Like being awesome? Than this is the job for YOU!


Computers are essential tools in the modern world, handling everything from traffic control, car welding, movie animation, shipping, aircraft design, and social networking to book publishing, business management, music mixing, health care, agriculture, and online shopping. Computer programmers are the people who write the instructions that tell computers what to do. Are you interested in developing cool video game software for computers? Would you like to learn how to make software run faster and more reliably on different kinds of computers and operating systems? Do you like to apply your computer science skills to solve problems? If so, then you might be interested in the career of a computer software engineer/programmer.

What are the perks?

As a computer software engineer/programmer, you get a average sallery of $72,630-$96,600. You get to tell computers to do whatever you want, so the possabilities are endless! It's also in demand, so it's likely you'd be hired.

What are the unperks?

The only unperks are it is in high demand, so many people may go into the field and that it usually requires a Bachler's Degree.

Why is it useful?

With the current demand for simpler technology, tech experts can make a fortune working for companies designing ways to make the User Interfaces of products.

What is required for this job?

The only absolute nessesities for this job is knolage of programming, Determination, Imagination and commen sense.

What are some companies that will hire people with this job experiance?

Technology companies, such as Apple, Electronic Arts, Segate, Segate Technology, AMD, and Medtronic.

By Tony Maranto