Thomas Jefferson

By Dylan D

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States of America. When Jefferson was a kid he and his friend loved to go to the top of a mountain. Later he built a house on the top of the mountain, he called it Monticello. Monticello took 3 years to build. When Jefferson got married to Martha Wayles Skelton, on their honeymoon they went up to Monticello during a snow storm and spent the night there.


Thomas Jefferson described it as an essay in architecture because it took a long time to build so it was kind of like an essay. Jefferson had a 1,000 foot long vegetable garden. The garden was dug by slaves. Jefferson also had a family grave yard. His wife and the rest of his family wear buried there.

His Children

Only two of his six children lived to adult hood. Maria like her mother died giving birth at the age of twenty six. Martha Jefferson was the only child to live longer than twenty six years old. Martha was the oldest Jefferson. She was the only child to outlive her father.


Jefferson spent the last ten years of his life on the University Of Virginia (UVA). Jefferson started on the UVA after he retired from presidency. The Rotunda was designed to be at the middle of the campus, it served as a library. The collage is located in Chancellorsville. That is near Monticello.


Thomas Jefferson was a great man and accomplished a lot. This paper tells just a little. Thomas Jefferson was grate at architecture. So that’s just some information about Thomas. You can learn more at and Cobblestone Thomas Jefferson.