By Madeline Motsko

Does Argentina have a good economy or a poor economy, and what resources affect that?

Argentina has a good economy, and resources that affect that are farmland, because they use it to grow crops and raise sheep, and plants that burn natural gas, because they are the leading supplier of electric power in Argentina. Its economy also benefits from being a very industrialized country and the population having a high literacy rate.

Describe an important time/event in Argentina's history.

An important event in Argentina's history was when they battled the United Kingdom for control over the Falkland Islands in 1982. Argentina lost because they surrendered in June, but they kept their claim to the islands. The loss, along with other things that were happening at that time, forced the government (called the Process of National Reorganization/el Proceso) to have free elections.

What is the most important part of Argentina's culture?

There is not one specific thing that is most important to Argentina's culture. A few things that are very important to it are cinema, music, and theatre, because they are popular activites in Argentina and are part of its population's culture in many different ways.

Is there a part of Argentina's geography that it is known for, and what is it?

There is a part of Argentina's geography it is known for, it is the Gran Chaco, a large plain. Despite it being what Argentina is known for, not many people live there and it is still very underdeveloped.