By Izabella Bitorsoli


What types of maps are there ?
- Topography is the physical features and relief (differences in elevation) of the land.
- Choropleth is a map that uses a range of shades of one colour to show a pattern.
- A map is an accurate drawing of the ground.


What does BOLTSS stand for ?
Border- A box around the mapto clearly show its extent
Orientation- A compass direction
Legend- A key to what symbols and colours on the map stand for
Title- A clear indication of what the map is aboutor its theme
Scale- Indicates distances on the map compared with the actual area being shown.
Source- Where possible, the information used to make the map should be sourced.

What careers require the use of maps ?

Some jobs that people are required to use maps include the following..ExplorerMountaineerTaxi driverBus driverExpedition leaderPilotTruck driverTrain driverSea captain