The Great Wall of china

The 2000 year old wall

Have you ever wanted to visit the Great Wall of china? The Great Wall of china is a huge wall located in northern China. The wall is important to china because it symbolizes unification. Northern China is home to the Great Wall which is China's great symbol.

Where is the great wall of china located? The great great wall of china is located in northern china."chinahighlights" It is also located in beijing the capital of china."mytravelimages" The exact coordinates are 40.6796 degrees north and 117.2319 degrees east.

What does the great wall of china look like? the great wall of china looked like huge wall made of sticks,bricks,mud,and stone, Its approximately 15 to 50 feet wide to 15 to 30 feet high. along the wall there are watchtowers that stick up and make it taller and higher too."traveltips" Also the Great Wall is also the longest man made structure in the the world approximately 5,500.3 miles long. "travelchinaguide"
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what does the wall symbolize/represent? the great wall of china represents the unification of china. It represents this because the wall was made up of a bunch of smaller walls were linked together through china. It also represents the ability of china working together because of all the different types of people working together."chinahighlights"

The Great Wall is located in northern China and is China's great symbol. The Great Wall also symbolizes the unification of china.