The War of 1812

By Jelani Williams

Leading up to War

France and Great Britain was at war, both France and Great Britain threatened to attack American ships and take their cargo. Great Britain and the U.S. were in conflict over the Northwest territory

War with Great Britain Begins

The President did not want war but the War Hawks wanted war because of the British attacks on American ships. The President gave in to the War Hawks and declared

The War at Sea

Early in the war U.S. tried several times to invade Canada but did not invade. Another important naval victory was fought on a lake, Which is on the Great Lake

Battles on Land

In August 1814 the British attacked Washington D.C. the President and leaders were forced to leave the city. The British set fire to the white house. The Americans refused to surrender the fort. The British Gave up.

Fighting for the New Orleans

By the end of 1814 the U.S. and Great Britain has been fighting for more than 2 Year , both sides had been losing 2,000 people was killed or injured

The Return of peace

The War ended in 1815. The U.S. had stood up to Great Britain the most powerful nation on Earth. It made many Americans feel more united than ever

War at 1812