Ricchezza's Weekly News

March 10-14, 2014

Benchmark this Friday

By now, everyone has had at least one benchmark, so by now, you know our work is due every other Friday before midnight. Another benchmark due date is upon us! So check your schedule - everything on it between March 3 and March 14 is due March 14 before midnight. Anything turned in after that will only be accepted for up to a week, with the usual penalty of 10% per school day late, and nothing from this benchmark will be accepted after Friday, March 21.

News and Notes

  • Most students are doing pretty well, but some have gotten lazy on due dates. Please understand that there are no easy ways to make up zeroes and the late penalties apply to everyone. While just turning in work on time is not always enough to secure a good grade, it is the best single thing you can do.
  • However, some students have decided that for whatever reason the best thing to do is to try and finish everything now. Having once been a high school student, I totally get wanting to be done. But some students are going too fast and not scoring well. One thing to remember is that when I grade quizzes, there is feedback on the questions and the overall quiz, and sometimes that feedback can help you do well on the next quiz or unit test. If you just wait for that to appear, you might do better.
  • PHYSICAL SCIENCE STUDENTS: There has been some confusion regarding EOCTs for private and homeschooled students. It is my understanding from the administration that everyone has to take the EOCT. There are some exceptions but just being a private or homeschooled student is not such an exception as far as we can tell. If there is disagreement or confusion, please contact your facilitator or your support specialist.