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Vroom Vroom Vets

The Issue

Veterans served our country so it is our turn to serve them. During their service some experienced events that left them disabled. Disabled veterans are unable to ride public transportation due to the lack of accessibility to meet their needs. Veterans still need to be able to use public transportation. Public transportation is not catered to meet the needs of disabled veterans. If transportation is not serviced to their needs, then they could become injured or unable to use the transportation.

Interview Data

“I think veterans that are dismembered, they need to pay them more mind. VA hospitals need to have a higher standard.” - Mr. Allen

"We can always serve our veterans better." - Dr. Joel Porter

"I think Veteran's Day is great, but I think it should be an everyday thing." - Tori Davis

"I think the most important thing is to show that their abilities and skills are still worthwhile and important." Dr. Neil Shanks

Our Goal

  • Create and attend training on supporting disabled veterans. (transportation workers)
  • Public transportation has to meet higher standards of accessibilites for the disabled.

Ways to Take Action!

  • Organizing and participating in a fundraiser supporting our veterans.
  • Support others while riding public transportation.
  • Donate and collecting materials to make transportation more accessible.
  • Attending city council meetings to promote accessibility on public transportation.


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About Us

Our group is made up of: Eli, Ayla, Coegan, Layden, Cynthia, Maddie, Kaitlynn, Kinley, Tatum, Alex, Hamilton, and Ms. Maddie.

Fun Fact: Ms. Maddie is the coolest counselor.

Why We Chose this issue: The veterans served us, so its time for us to serve them.

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