Arms Race

By: Braden M.

All of the fighting of World War I didn't just come out of nowhere. It all started with the Arms Race. The arms race was one of the many causes of World War I.

What is an Arms Race?

An arms race is when two or more countries compete to build up their armies before a war. They build tons of weapons, ships, artillery and other things the army needs. They also train and recruit a lot of soldiers to work for them. When the armies recruit soldiers, they recruit a very large amount of them. The Russian army recruited and trained 2,200,000 soldiers, the Germans recruited about 1,200,000 soldiers and the Canadian army trained around 600,000. They also have to spend a ton of money and government has to get some money from the people that lived that country. The Germans spent about 22.7 million CAD, the British army spent about 18.1 million dollars and the Austrian-Hungarian army spent about 10.9 million dollars.

Without the Arms Race

Without the arms, the war may have never actually happened. The armies wouldn't have been prepared to fight. They wouldn't have had any weapons to fire at the enemy and they wouldn't have had any soldiers to fight for the countries' army.