PLHS May Update Library Newsletter

May 20, 2019

See what library/text materials you have out

It's time to have students take a look at what they have checked out in their names. Have your student do this by clicking this link. They will use the username and password they use on the computers at school.

Library Open!

The library is officially open again! The final due date for all library materials to be returned is Friday, May 31. This is also the last day the library will be open for student use.

Printing info -

Once the library is closed as of May 31, printing in the library will no longer be an option. Students can print from the counseling office computers.

Heading into the final stretch!

We now have 16 school days left of school.

It is every student's responsibility to return all overdue materials including text and library books from previous years and schools. Reminders will be coming to homes via email and phone beginning the week of May 20.


Students will be returning textbooks not needed to study for finals beginning Wednesday, June 5. Textbooks will be collected in the NEW library location (Room 402) at a pre-scheduled time with their English teacher. MESA ENGLISH STUDENTS WILL RETURN TEXTBOOKS ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5 ON THEIR OWN TIME DURING THEIR SCHEDULED PERIOD.

Students are reminded to keep books and calculators needed for finals. They can be returned when the final is completed.

Locker Information - Clean Out

1. The last day for locker use is Thursday, June 6th, the last full day of school. All students are strongly encouraged to take home any materials needed for finals and throw away all food containers, etc. Anything left in lockers after this date will be placed in lost & found and taken to Goodwill the following week.

2. Please see Mrs. Cooper in the library or Ms. Gutierrez in the counseling office for locker combinations.


Tuesday, May 21st, 2:30pm


May 21

May 28

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