Tattoos as art

The criteria that I personally use to evaluate art as being good or bad.

Tattoos are a form of body art where a person is able to put a permanent mark representing something. When I see a tattoo, the first thing I see is the skill of the tattoo artist so I look at their technique. Did they have clean lines? Was the shading used properly and just overall did the tattoo artist have the artistic skill to draw a tattoo where I could recognize what it is. The next thing I recognize, is the meaning behind it. Some people want that permanent mark to represent something that changed their life drastically or just something they think is cool. In my personal opinion, I prefer tattoos that have meaning behind them because if you get something that you think is cool at the time, maybe in 5 years you won't like it. But if, for example, you get your moms favorite animal because she's the greatest woman in your life then I love the thought and meaning behind it.