Classroom Hack

Stephanie Love / Week 6

Global Read Aloud Begins Today, October 3rd!

When: October 3rd-November 11th

Why should I join?

To be a part of an event that is happening all around the world!

How do I sign up?

What and when to read?

Where do I get the books?

CL&I: Rachel has ordered multiple copies of the books!

The Power of YET!

Lesson Idea for the Growth Mindset: Goal Setting for 2nd 9 Weeks

Song by: Janelle Monae

K-2 Mentor Text: Giraffes Can't Dance

Objective: Students will identify the message of the story.

What is the talent you didn't know you had until you tried?

Set a goal: What is something you want to try over the next few weeks at school?

3-5 Mentor Text: The Most Magnificent Thing

Video on perseverance:

Objective: Students will set meaningful and attainable goals and consider possible obstacles they could face.

Anchor Chart: Tchart: What I use to say: and What I say now:

Focus: Perseverance and Cooperative Learning

Journal: Think about a time you tried and tried, but failed.

What would you do differently if you had a chance to do it over again?

Pineapple Chart

I have the pleasure each week to see many of you in your classrooms and observe all the amazing things you are doing with your students! So, please take a few minutes to check out the Pineapple Chart in the lounge. This is designed for informal observations! When you are using Kahoot, teaching small group lessons, students are working on genius hour, or using Google Classroom, teaching grammar with mentor text, etc... invite your colleagues to come watch.

Why Vote?

Four videos that will add to your government unit!

As you know, the election for President is November 8th! Who wants to help set up a mock election for our students? Let me know and let's start planning now!

Dripping Springs Ed Foundation

Please let me know if you have not received your DSEF t-shirt!