West Rockhill Report

March 2016

Principal's Message

How can it be? We have already completed half of our school year! I guess it’s true that times flies when you are having fun. There are many opportunities for fun while learning at WRE.

Spelling Bee Winners: WRE held our annual Spelling Bee for students in grades 4 and 5 on February 18, 2016. Congratulations to Oak Boone and Olivia Cassels for placing first and second, respectively in the competition. Oak Boone will represent WRE in the upcoming regional bee. We can be proud of all our students who participated in this exciting event.

First In Math Family/Study Island Links: WRE students are receiving high praises for the great number of stickers that our students have earned while using our First in Math online program. Study Island is another great resource that students can access from home to support their learning of key concepts in math. Please contact your child’s teacher to learn how to access these great on-line tools.

Pennridge School District Social Media Presentation: Our district will be sponsoring a presentation at PHS on April 14. 2016 at 7PM that focuses on the varied aspects of social media. Further information about this opportunity will be provided. Look for more details to follow.

Camp Invention – Stem Camp: This summer Pennridge students entering grades 1 through 6 will have an opportunity to attend an enrichment camp designed to explore STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math). Important details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Birthday Treats: Our students enjoy having special birthday treats to celebrate their special day with their classmates. Please provide the special treats in time for them to be shared during the lunch period. Here are just some of healthy snacks to consider in lieu of cupcakes:

Rice Krispie Treats

Natural low-sugar granola bars (No nuts)

100% Fruit Snacks
Fat-free or low-fat pudding cups

Angel food cake

Field Trip Chaperones – Anyone wishing to be a volunteer must have their clearances Please allow ample time to secure them. Further information about clearances is available on the district and WRE websites.

Please Use All Loading Areas for Parent Pick-Up – In an effort to alleviate traffic tie-ups during parent-pick up, we are asking that you please pull all the way up to the stop sign in the loading area. This will help to expedite our pick up procedures.

Thank you !

From the Office

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Grade Level Reports


We are starting March by celebrating READING with Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Engage your children at the dinner table by talking about BOOKS! What is your favorite book or author? Do you remember a special book you had when you were a child? Have fun with Reading!!! In the middle of March, the 14th to be exact, we will be celebrating Math with Pi Day. Be sure to come out and see us on Monday the 14th. You will see lots of Math homework coming home this week. Solve simple Math problems at the dinner table.

It is so important that your children see Reading, Math, and learning happening all around them all the time! Let them see how much fun it is to learn new things! Go on adventures together as a family! A simple hike through the woods can lead to new and fun things to learn!

Grade One

March is an exciting time for learning in first grade. Students will continue to learn about characters and settings that grow and change. Students will make real world connections to the changing seasons and life cycles of characters within this unit. As reading skills develop first graders have started to take ownership over book selection. Students are starting to enjoy learning facts while reading non-fiction, making connections to realistic characters and reading for enjoyment with some of the silly characters they have come to love. Foster this love of reading by visiting your local library, ordering from Scholastic Books and maintaining the nightly reading routine you have in place. In math, first graders are working to build their fact power continuing to focus on adding and subtracting facts to 10 and doubles facts. There are many ways to practice addition and subtraction at home including using counters (LEGOs, Cheerios, seeds…), reciting facts verbally while driving in the car or using flashcards. As students build this fact fluency they are able to solve more difficult math tasks. Our science unit of balance and motion is certainly one your child will come home and talk about. First graders will be given many opportunities to discover and uncover concepts of balance and motion through guided explorations. Make connections to many movement toys you may have at home like spinners and tops. March will certainly be a marvelous time at WRE!

Grade Two

The birds are singing and the flowers are starting to pop out of the ground. Spring is in the air! In second grade, we just wrapped up our unit on Matter. We focused on the properties of solids and liquids. Today, we even made Oobleck, which we found could be both a solid and liquid. The kids had a great time making and exploring this unique type pf matter. We will now transition back to social studies. This month, we will be learning about the countries of Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

In math, we just finished Unit 6, Whole-Number Operations and Number Stories. Next week, we will begin Unit 7, Patterns and Rules. In this unit, we will focus on describing patterns in skip counting, making graphs from real life data, and building mental math skills for adding 1 and multi-digit numbers.

In reading, we will be wrapping up Unit 3, Creative Ideas. Next week, we will read the story A Weed is a Flower and write a review about George Washington Carver. In March, we will begin Unit 4, Our Changing World. We will read the stories, A Froggy Fable and Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. We will focus on the phonics skills words with final syllable le and words with vowel patterns oo and u. Our comprehension skills for these stories are drawing conclusions and sequencing. We will also write a friendly letter trying to persuade the character Frog to visit our favorite place.

Hope to see everyone at Pi night on Monday, March 14th.

Grade Three

Wow! This year seems to be flying by. The third graders are certainly hopeful for warmer weather in the upcoming month. They are also excited to continue their studies of our energy unit in science. Ask your child about energy, how it transfers, and what it can be converted into…you’ll be surprise at how much they know! After the completion of this unit, we will move onto our next tribe in social studies. This tribe is from the North West United States and is known as the Kwakiutl. In reading, we will wrap up unit three. Please be sure to keep an eye out for each week’s Family Times! In math, we are continuing our practice of multiplication and division and moving into unit eight- fractions! It is imperative that your third grader is fluent in their basic multiplication/division facts. Practicing flashcards at home are a BIG help! Our third grade students are talking a lot about “Pi Day.” This is a school-wide event where students get to enjoy pie and practice math. They will learn about new games, websites, and apps. They will also get to take home some games and handouts! The third grade teachers hope to see you there!

Grade Four

March has arrived and Fourth Graders have become very busy students. As the weather changes outside, we are reading about patterns in nature, such as weather patterns, migration patterns, and day and nighttime cycles. Writing has shifted from poetry to opinion writing. Parents, be wary of fourth graders trying to persuade you with their best arguments, backed up with solid facts. With the fraction unit completed, students are now learning about scale drawings, perimeter, area, and volume. But remember, facts are still very important and still need to be practiced for fluency! Science time is electrifying as we explore building series and parallel circuits. In Social Studies, we will head back to our study of the regions of the United States.

Grade Five

Fifth grade has recently begun a new unit in reading where our reading selections are centered around the inspiration given to us by inventors and artists. These selections come in many different genres including biography, drama, and expository text.

Our persuasive writings have helped to decide what we are looking for in a good leader. Just in time for our presidential primaries. Ask your students before you hit the polls.

The fifth grade math class is beginning to analyze the world in different ways. Exponents, scientific notation, negative numbers, and order of operations will give us many more tools to look at math problems in a new light.

In science, our students continue to study the weather. They have recently completed an investigation of Earth's atmospheric layers as well as taken a close look at air and its lesser known properties.

In Social Studies we are debating between the Patriots and the Loyalists over "the right to fight" for independence. Leading Patriots and Loyalists were identified and their stances on Independence were recorded. Our debate will be between the three top Patriots and Loyalists from the colonies. Next, we will get into the Revolutionary War, along with the war's top battles in our nation's quest to become independent.

Mrs. Giuliana's Connections

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Pi Day

During the month of March you will hear your child talking about Pi Day!

WRE is going to have a celebration on March 14th to honor math...much like Pasta-bilities honoring reading last year. We will also have activities leading up to this exciting event. On the night of March 14th you're invited to bring your WRE student(s) to school from 6pm-7pm. You will enjoy Pie a la mode and take part in math activities that can be taken home! This event is FREE, but you'll have to sign up using this sign-up genius link: click here!

Click here to view the full invitation.

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Student Council Service Project

The WRE student council will be supporting a service project that benefits the Ronald McDonald House. Our students will be collecting soda tabs that will be recycled and the proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House. Please collect and send in soda tabs between now and March 14th. The class that brings in the most tabs will win a fifteen minute extra recess!

Mrs. Vogt's Math & Science Connection

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One aspect of education which is so very important is giving students experiences to gain the ability to self-evaluate and self-reflect. Unfortunately, parents, teachers, and students alike become so caught up in learning math facts, filling in reading logs, and completing writing assignments and projects that this final step of the learning process is often hurried through or skipped as days get busy and time becomes limited. Without this final step, however, students often begin to think of learning activities as "tasks to get done" rather than occasions for growth. When students take the time to self-evaluate and self-reflect, they reap the full benefits of their learning. They learn to independently identify areas of expertise and improvement. By becoming skilled at self-reflection and self-assessment, students are strengthening the development of the critical mind. This ability helps students become better at setting and achieving goals. Students learn to prioritize where to put forth more effort in their work, which can even improve time management skills. Self-reflection and self-evaluation lead to increased intrinsic motivation, which ultimately leads to greater success.

Opportunities to reflect on learning can present themselves frequently if you know when to look for them. Good times to talk with your child about his learning include when progress reports come home, looking over a test, or going through a packet of assignments and projects that came home. Help your child identify the progress and growth that occurred and set goals for the days, weeks, and months ahead. Keep the goals within reach. Help your child break down the tasks he will need to do in order to attain the new goal. It’s also a great idea to provide examples for your child of how you use self-evaluation and reflection to better yourself. By showing your child how valuable these self-monitoring exercises can be, you can help him become a successful, independent learner.

Mountain Lion 4th & 5th Chorus Information

Mountain Lion Chorus rehearsals are going strong! We rehearse each week on the following days:

  • 5th graders--- Day 1 at Lunch Recess
  • 4th graders--- Day 4 at Lunch Recess
  • EarlyBird Chorus (singers in both 4th & 5th grade) on Day 4 at 8:15 a.m.

Students choose ONE rehearsal to get to each week. If you’d like to get text or email reminders about rehearsals, please consider signing up for remind.com.

Kindly mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

  • WRE Spring Concert: Tuesday May 10, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
  • There will be three before-school 4th & 5th Chorus rehearsals on the risers in the Cafeteria in April and May. As soon as the dates are set, the information will be sent home.
  • WRE PTO family event at the June 11th Iron Pigs game: 4th & 5th Chorus singers who participate in both the Winter and Spring Concerts this school year will sing The National Anthem on the field before the baseball game. More information will be available in the coming months.

From the Cafeteria

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