I Have Lived a Thousand Years Rylee

Rylee Boyd

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Inside the book...

In this book by Livia Bitton-Jackson, Events happenned that were based on a true story. It is about a girl, her mother, and her aunt. Her father and brother are seperated from her... Her hair saves her and her mother and her get send to the concentration camps. Her Aunt however, was sent to the gas chambers! The concentration camps are plain... children and women, hairless and in gray dresses. They are ripped of their identity slowly by the German coats. If you scream, you're shot. Don't move, get down on the ground, now, or be shot. Get undressed, all of you, or be shot. Change into these, or be whipped. Now! Go over there, see that man? Go to him, now, or be shot. Shutup, or go to the gas chambers! Harsh things happenned to this girl, and of course her other 'jail' mates.

Main character

Elli Friedman - This individual refuses to leave the house after Jews are ordered to wear the yellow star. She is brave, not afraid to get dirty, will do whatever it takes to get out with her mom and aunt, and find her father and bubi.