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Using Natural Products to Clean Carpet

Having pets or kids at your home can cause your carpet being reveal to dust particles and dirt. You can use natural products instead of chemical solutions when sanitizing your floor covering. Natural cleaning products that are commonly found in your kitchen. These simple substances are able to take away dirts and will make your carpet clean.

Here are some of the natural products that you can use:

Product #1. Baking Soda

It is said to be one of the effective and cheapest product use in cleaning your carpet. You can utilize this to treat dirt caused by dirty shoes which is worn outside home. Pour minimal amount of baking soda and let it stay overnight. Next day, you can vacuum it and remove the container and also the sucked debris.

Product #2. Corn Starch

A corn flour which is use as thickener when cooking and is said to be an affordable product. This is also one way to have a clean carpet and air at home. Similar to baking soda, corn starch can also eliminate unpleasant smells swiftly. Apply cornstarch make sure to conceal the entire area. Allow it to settle for the longest possible time, then you can vacuum it.

Products #3. Vinegar, Borax and Salt

These are used in dealing with stains that are difficult to remove. Mix together 1/4 vinegar, 1/2 borax and 1/4 salt and put it in a container with spray. Shake the solution well and spray it onto the affected area, do not allow it to absorb more liquids. It is necessary to use a small brush with short hair like toothbrush in scrubbing the stain. There are some instances that may require you to repeat this method in order to remove the stain thoroughly. Permit the affected area to dry before vacuuming and setting the furnishings back.

Product #4. Club Soda

It is a water that contains carbon dioxide which can also be used in treating stains. Apply this substance straight from the bottle to the affected area by blotting it using a clean white cloth. Adding club soda continuously until it is thoroughly wet in order to remove the stain. Once more, blot the area using cool and clean water, leave it to dry thoroughly before vacuuming and bringing back the furnitures.

You can follow these simple tips every time you wish to freshen up your floor covering. If you need the assistance of a professional carpet cleaners to do the task for you, you have to visit here CarpetCleanedRestoredIndianaAnderson!