Should drugs be legalized?

What is drug abuse?

Drugs can be helpful or harmful. Drug abuse is use of a drug with a greater amount, or in a different way than directed. Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, opium, and barbiturates produce "positive reinforcement." Which means it brings pleasure to a person who is in a normal state of mind. Drugs like Advil provide relief from pain and other irritating feelings. They produce "negative reinforcement." Which means a certain reaction is removed after particular behavior is shown. The most commonly abused drugs are "positive reinforcements."

Pros of legalization

  • Law enforcement could focus more on crimes of violence, such as aggressive assault, child abuse, rape, and murder.
  • The supply of drugs will not be rare.
  • Mothers, fathers, and others taking drugs will not be arrested, so families will not be torn apart.
  • Drug dealers will not have a rare supply of something, so they will not be a threat to the law.

Cons of legalization

  • Drug addicts could be abusing their children and wrecking their family.
  • We wouldn't be able to tell who the future criminals are, because the drugs they posses are legal.
  • If they run out of supply, they could go on a murderous rampage.
  • There would be a rise of crime.
  • We would have a different social environment; most people would be "zombies."
  • Children would do drugs because they wouldn't want to be made fun of.

Drugs should not be legalized

If we legalized drugs, there would be a rise in crime and more drug abuse. America would have to devote a huge amount of it's financial resources to law enforcement. We would also have a different social environment. Drugs can cause a vast amount of accidents, illness, domestic violence (abuse), and lost opportunities for many who could of had happy, productive lives. If drugs are legalized, we would have a whole different world.

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