Joe Barbara

By: Joe Barbara

All about me

In my free time I enjoy playing video games, fencing, and biking. I have 15 chickens and a cat named Hallie. My favorite foods are gnocchi with pesto and pork tacos. My favorite movies are Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Over the summer my family and I went to Disney for a week. Now that the summer is over, my goals for eighth grade are to get on honor roll or higher the whole year. My birthday is 04-30-03.

Top ten favorite video games

1.Halo Reach

2.Battlefield Bad Company 2

3.Ark Survival Evolved

4.Call of Duty BO2

5.Donkey Kong Country

6. Battlefield 4

7. Call of Duty WaW

8.Halo 5

9.Star Wars Battlefront

10.Pokemon Leaf Green

Summer Reading Book

Over the summer I read Divergent by: Veronica Roth. I thought that it was not very interesting at first but as I read more it became more interesting. The plot was very well thought out and it is easy to picture.

Divergent starts out about a girl named Trice who was born in the abnegation faction. Every child in the community must take the Aptitude test, this picks the faction that you join by your actions in the test. Trice is a divergent this means she gets to choose her faction but has to keep her divergence a secret because they cannot be controlled easy and the faction leaders don't like this. She chooses the Dauntless faction which is a bravery faction. She later meats Tobias another divergent. Farther into the book the leader of the dauntless start an attack on a faction and Trice and Tobias must stop it.