Get Your Child Vaccinated!

By; Ran Trakhtengerts and Chaitanya Srinivasan


When enrolling for a school, the child must have already been given the most recent vaccines. Below are some reasons and drawbacks to consider on the subject of vaccines.

Reasons to Consider

Once you are vaccinated are immune to the disease forever. This means that you need not have any worries of catching this disease, hence you may rest your mind.

Plus, one major plus point is that you save lives by not catching the disease and spreading it. Think about diseases that spread through air. What if you had that disease and you were in a baseball game. How would that affect the audience? What if your child's classmate had a contagious disease and spread it to your child?

How Do I Get My Child Vaccinated?

The process of getting your child vaccinated is very easy. In addition to hospitals, healthcare professionals, and clinics, even pharmacies and retail stores give vaccines to children quickly and safely.

Drawbacks to Consider

Although vaccinations work more that 90% of the time, the other 10% probability is quite large when looking at a larger scale. If one million people were to get a vaccination with a 90% probability of being effective, one hundred thousand people will theoretically receive a non effective vaccination. However, this is just a theoretical probability; even though there is a 10% probability that it will not be effective, in actuality, this number can vary greatly. Some decide not to receive vaccinations due to the high prices. However, life is priceless and no amount of money can recover a lost loved one. Plus, when one gets sick, it will cost even more to recover. Lastly, there are a few symptoms following a vaccination. These are only mild symptoms, such as soreness, cramps, fever, and itchyness. Hence, they are strong enough to persuade one against getting vaccinated. But these are nothing compared to what could happen if your child were to get a disease. Vaccines are sometimes given in double doses to prevent this. Life is invaluable.