Alexis Goodwill


Bulldogs have lots of fat rolls when they are babies. They have short floppy ears and a smashed snout. Bulldogs have short legs and tail. They have a medium sized tongue.


Bulldogs are medium sized dogs. They have a thick, low swung body. Their shoulders are muscular and widespread. They can weight up to 50 pounds. Bulldogs have a smooth coat. They also have strong, muscular hind legs.


The bulldog originates in the British Isles. The bulldog has been around sense 1886. Bulldogs were also used for cattle driving. They were in a harsh sport called bullbaiting.

Character traits

The bulldogs character traits may surprise you, they look viscous with the over bite but really their quite friendly. Bulldogs are very courageous dogs. They are also very calm, if you train them right.

Why I picked this dog?

I picked this dog because I never really looked into one. I wanted to see if there was a kind side to that mean ol' over bite. Also I thought they were really cute because of how chubby they are as babies. I learned a lot about them with this research I did. They aren't really mean! Now I want one!
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