Third Grade Gazette

September 21st, 2015

We are learning...

Reading: In reading we will continue looking at clues (evidence) the author gives us to better understand the characters

  • I can make predictions about what my characters will do next.
  • I can name character traits about my character.
  • I can question why characters act the way they do.

Writing: In writing we will continue drafting and revising our Personal Narratives.

  • I can revise my narrative by adding thoughts, details, or actions.
  • I can revise my narrative by adding dialogue.

Spelling: Spelling will begin this week! We will work on identifying short vowels and long vowels.

  • I can correctly say and spell words that have a long or short vowel.

Math: In Math we will start our next unit which is addition, subtraction, and place value up to 1,000.

  • I can read write and sequence numbers up to 1,000 by using place value.
  • I can estimate the sums of 2 and 3 digit numbers using knowledge of place value and known combinations.
  • I can recognize and represent the groups of ten in 3 digit numbers.

Social Studies: We will be continuing our unit on government, focusing on the Preamble and The Declaration of Independence

  • I can state the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence.

A few reminders...

  1. A new reading log will come home next week. This one is more user-friendly.
  2. Please sign your child’s PRIDE Binder each night.
  3. Finally, there is a new assessment in the PRIDE Binder. We did an awesome job on our Summative Math Test, so give your kiddo a high five!
  4. Spelling homework will come home this week, however there will be no ASSIGNED words to study. Be on the lookout for a letter explaining our spelling program.

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