Week #10

The Helmet of Salvation

Welcome to week #10 of Home-made JAM!

Summer is here! We are so excited your family is joining us this year for our newest Summer program, Home-made JAM. The blessing of this program is as a family we invite you to dive in deep or just dip your toe into this adventure. We believe you will have an opportunity to bring your family together with other families to grow in your faith, make new connections, connect deeper with family and friends, and discover the armor God gives each one of us to fight against the evil in this world.

If you have missed any of the week's lessons, you can find them at www.splgrafton.org/fig

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Wondering how to begin? Watch this video Week #10 - The Helmet of Salvation for an introduction to this week's lesson and information about the activities for this week.

In the Bible, Paul talks about the spiritual battle we’re fighting against evil and tells us to put on the helmet of salvation. Salvation is a word that means Jesus died to forgive our sins and rescue us from death and the devil. Because Jesus died for us, we can be friends with Him. When we believe in Jesus, it's like putting on a helmet to protect our minds.

Let's Sing!

Part of the FUN of Home-made JAM is the songs your kids (and you) will LOVE!

This week we again have two songs we will use to help us focus on the Shield of Faith. The first one, Stand Strong will be familiar to you! This song reminds us that no matter what happens to us in life, God helps us to Stand Strong against it. The second song is another one we have sung as a part of Home-made JAM this Summer. There's Power in the Blood reminds us of Jesus' death on the cross for us, and how His power helps us to face everything that comes up in our lives.

Take some time to learn these songs and sing them with your kids!

Object Lesson - Salvation Cipher


Figure Out the Key to a Cipher

We’ve learned we have an evil enemy who doesn’t want us to be friends with God—which is called salvation. Our enemy wants to make us believe we have to do a whole bunch of things just right to be friends with God—like figuring out a code to salvation. Let’s see what it’s like to solve a cipher or a message written in a coded language. To solve the cipher, you have to figure out the code.

If you need some hints:
  1. The groups of numbers below the wheel are actually words, and each number is attached to a letter.
  2. Use the numbers on the wheel to identify which letters go in the boxes, one number at a time, and write the letters in the boxes under the numbers.

Talk About It

Ciphers have been used for hundreds of years to send important messages, and things kind of like ciphers are used to make languages and codes that make computers and websites work. Ciphers can be pretty simple or really complicated and almost impossible to figure out.

  • What made the cipher you worked on hard or easy?
  • What makes putting on the helmet of salvation hard or easy?

God’s enemy wants to trick us into thinking salvation means figuring out some sort of code to being perfect, but salvation is much simpler than that! There’s no tricky code to figure out; salvation is believing in and loving Jesus. When we know that, then we can fight evil with salvation.

Game - Bounce It Away


  • balloons (1 per person)
  • bowls (1 per person)
  • upbeat music (optional)

Talk About Helmets

God’s armor helps keep us safe from his evil enemy. Talk about somethings that keep you safe.

This week, we’re learning about God’s helmet of salvation. Salvation is knowing Jesus is our friend. We fight evil with salvation. Knowing we’re friends with Jesus and he’s always with us can help protect our hearts when we’re sad or scared.

Bounce the Balloons

Let’s play a game where these bowls are like helmets to protect our heads from flying balloons.

  • Put the bowls on your heads.
  • Use the helmets on your head to bop balloons up in the air.
  • Encourage kids to keep the balloons in the air using their helmets.
  • Be careful as you move around so you don’t crash into anyone.

Our helmets helped us bounce the balloons in our game. When sad or scary things happen, the helmet of salvation reminds us that we’re friends with Jesus and he’s always with us.

Game - Who Am I?


  • index cards (1 or 2 per person)
  • pens or pencils (1 per person)

Play a Game Like Hedbanz

  • Gather in a circle.
  • Give each person an index card and something to write with.
  • Have everyone write a job on the card. (e.g. teacher, firefighter, soccer player, etc.).
  • Collect and mix up the cards, and place them facedown in a pile in the center of the circle.
  • Choose one person to go first. He/she will take a card from the top of the pile and, without looking at it, hold it facing out on his/her forehead for the others to see.
  • Describe what’s on the card so the person holding the card can guess the word. Once the word is correctly guessed, the next person in the circle will take a card from the pile and place it on his/her forehead.
  • Play more rounds. Each time choose something different to write on the card.

Talk About It

In the game, how did you figure out who you were?

  • The cards on our heads told us our identities.
  • We listened to people’s voices to figure out who we were.

What things—good or bad—have you heard people in your life say about you? People tell us we’re different things. Sometimes people say things about us that aren’t true, and that can really hurt. Since Jesus has made a way for us to be friends with God, who God says we are matters most. He says we’re forgiven, loved, saved, and free! We wear our identity in Christ as a helmet to guard our hearts and minds.

Through the Week

Have each person in the family find a sports helmet or bike helmet to decorate. If you don’t have either, that’s okay! Grab hats instead.

  • Decorate your helmets with stickers that remind you of how Jesus has saved you.
  • Find whatever stickers you have that you can use to decorate your helmets. If you have plain white mailing labels, use those to make your own stickers!
  • If you’re decorating hats instead of helmets, stickers may not stick very well. You could use permanent markers (help kids with this step) to draw inside the hats.

Whenever you put on your helmets or hats, you’ll have a reminder that you’re already wearing a helmet—the helmet of salvation


Need more of the resources from your box? Here is where you can download the resources we will be using for this week's Home-made JAM.

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