Christian Dunn

Story Of My Life

all about me

I am really happy and nice,

I wonder if i'm good at basketball,

I wonder if I'm good at soccer,

I want to see myself succeed in school ,

I pretend that I am on the clouds looking,

I am really happy and nice

I like to be tested ,

I like to do hard things on test,

I want to be healthy and nice,

I want people to believe that I can do it,

I wonder if people like me

I am funny and athletic

I dream like a dog,

I feel like angels wings touch me,

I dream for a quiet day,

I worry about my life when i'm older,

I hear things call my name,

I am fit and strong

6 Word Memoir

I really love football and basketball.

Fun Facts about Me

I have 2 dogs ,

I like to run,

I have good friends,

I have an Xbox

A Story that Touches my Heart

My favorite story is where the fern grows. I think the book is really good, when I read it it was like he really needed some dogs. Then he had them and they died a couple years latter.
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My Favorite Book

Greg has Two brothers,

he goes to school,

he has a friend,

his name is Rowly

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