internet safety

making you safe on social networking sites

what is internet safety?

Internet safety is the security of people and their information when using the Internet. Not being safe on the internet can lead to bad things. People can track you down if you’re not careful. Follow the rules of internet safety.


1.Make your page private- making your page private is very important because allowing people you don’t know see your page can get you into a lot of trouble.

2.Don’t give out your real name – when you are on sites like Instagram and twitter that can lead to people looking you up and finding information to stalk you.

3.Think before you post- if you are second guessing a post then don’t post it. If you know of anybody that you wouldn’t want to hear you say it then don’t post it for them to see that can lead to trouble.

4.Are you sure you know them?- if you are not positive you know that person then don’t add them and if you just like there picture then defiantly don’t add them people can you fake pictures.

5.Is sharing really caring? - don’t share your password to anyone but your parents. If you do people can hack your page a post bad things. Once it’s there it can be taken back.

6.Who can see your page? - if your people your friends add can see your page then you need to check your settings again! You and your friends don’t know the same people so your friends friend seeing your page is not safe.