Virtual Middle School

March 2014

Virtual Middle School Guiding Principles

Our goal is to ensure our program is held to a high level of accountability and rigor. For our program to be a success, we have to follow four key principles:

Communicate with Students, Parents, ELAs, and the Coordinator

Set and Achieve Goals

Work with Stakeholders, Schools and Families

Ensure Program and Self Accountability

The Journey Is Endless with Digital Teaching and Learning

The Instructional Technology Team provides support and professional development to GCS staff in the area of technology that emphasizes 21st Century student-centered learning. Have you taken advantage of their wonderful resources Click here for their LiveBinder full of wonderful resources you may be able to use in your class!

Additional Information

If you are are hosting after-school sessions for virtual students at your school, please let us know. We would like to arrange additional visits to speak with students regarding their virtual experience.

The Middle School Online Math Courses are pass/ fail. There will be no letter grade for the student. At the end of the course, virtual teachers will send Christina Ide a spreadsheet of students who have passed/ failed. Mrs. Ide will then email the school counselors with their student information. The school counselor will be in charge of putting this information in each student's cumulative folder. More information to come.

Strategies to Make Your Online Teaching Better


1. Incorporate synchronous opportunities.

2. Give extra feedback. Then give more.

3. Prove you are not a dog.

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