Community & Remeberance

Term 3

The importance of country & place

Aboriginal Language

Language is extremely important to the Aborignal peoples. Language cultural knowledge, so the loss of a language means the the loss of culture, of Aboriganal people's connections to their ancestors.

"The important thing about language and what it means is that the language contains the essence of our ancesters, every word comes from place and identifies people and links to the land, country, the dreaming: they are all inherent in language, therefore it means the people, the land, everything." Yolngu Elder Laurie Baymarrwangga.

If my culture was taken away from me I would feel like me and my families life was destoyed.

Language is important to the Aboriganal people because if they lost language they would feel as they had their soul ripped out of their body.

Place names

The Aboriginan name for shellharbour has been recorded as both Yerrowah (meeting place), and Winwin. (Place whaere there were big fish). The Eurpoean name for Shellharbour refers to the large quantitities of shells found in Aboriganal middens along the foreshore in the early mid 19th century for the production of lime these vast middens no longer remain.