4th Grade News

Boone Meadow Elementary - Mr. Noel's Class

Homework This Week

Each student was responsible today for writing down their homework in their planners. Some students have 90 minutes of required reading, while others have 90 minutes of math, and others have a 45 minutes balance of both reading and math. Please ask your child tonight the details of their specific homework plan for this week.

Please see picture below for more information.

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Curriculum This Week

This week in ELA we will...

*Pay closer attention to revealing character traits and actions.

*Learn about Show, Not Tell when we write and how that applies to our realistic fiction stories.

This week in 4th grade math we will...

*Cover Lesson 2.4-2.7 covering topics such as multiples, prime and composite numbers, and units of time.

This week in 5th grade math we will...

*Focus on the traditional US multiplication algorithm as we move through lessons 2-2 through 2-5.

Student Progress Conferences

Many of you have already signed up for student progress conferences, thank you!

If you have not, please visit this link for more information.

Student Progress Meeting Sign-Ups