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PISD Students Only


  • July 18-21
  • 10:00-12:00, two 1-hour classes a day (same classes each day)
  • Location: Paris High School
  • Ages: upcoming 1st graders through upcoming 8th graders (students will be divided into two age groups: 1st-4th and 5th-8th)
  • Transportation will be available

It will be fun! And, it is free!

You can choose two classes to attend for four days! Read over the class descriptions below and sign up for your top two choices! This will be first come, first served, so if you do not see what you want that will mean the class is already full.

However, the sign-up has a spot at the bottom (after you pick two choices) where you can ask to be put on a waiting list for a certain class that you were hoping to get into. There will be no guarantees, but we will do our best to accommodate your request if a student cancels.

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Class Options

You will attend two classes for the four days of WildCAMP. Here are descriptions of the classes below.

Outdoor Adventure

Fishing, hiking, wildlife identification, OH MY! Get familiar with the outdoors and join Mr. Reeves for this fun outdoor adventure that will help students become more acquainted with all things nature and outdoors! Note: This class will be held primarily outside .

*parent permission and waiver will be required

**2 hour class each day - this will be the only class you can choose for the week

Spy Camp

Spy Academy Alert!

Will you be the next secret agent? Can you crack the code, maneuver through an obstacle course, disguise yourself, and detonate a time released explosion? Apply today!


The best part of a party is the piñata! We will be making a piñata filled with candy. Learn to use paper mache, to sculpt and to build a piñata by hand with things from around your house!


Archery for all ages! Come learn the sport, practice, and skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. Added bonus - also learn what it takes to be a good sportsman!


Come join our look at life through a lens! Basic building blocks for taking pictures and some history of how it came to be. Students will leave with some fun educational links to the past and develop knowledge of current technology.

Wildcat Bootcamp

Welcome to Wildcat Bootcamp with your coaches, Adrianne Lowry and Lindsey Jones! What you will need: water, a towel, and a positive attitude. What we will work on: age-appropriate weight and cardio training combined with fitness games and stations to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Chef Willie

Come cook with us, your leaders Renee Moree and Monica Bankston! Come and learn kitchen safety, cooking skills, and recipes. You will be provided a binder with room for all you have learned so you can try out all you have learned at home!

*available for 1st-4th graders

Grow Grow Gardening

Does your child have a green thumb? Then WildCamp Gardening class is a great choice for them! They would enjoy a week of planting, crafting, and even making a sweet treat to end the week off amazing!


Houston - we have a ROCKET! Students will build and decorate Estes model rockets. They will get to choose fin placement and help to improve performance on their rocket model. Build your model throughout the week and watch it LAUNCH on Thursday!

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

Coming to this class is like going to your very own chocolate factory! Here you will get the chance to make (and eat) lots of chocolate treats! From your own candy bars, to smores on a stick. This will be a sweet and tasty camp!

D.I.Y. - Crafting

This is the perfect summer to become a DIY'er (Do IT Yourself)! In this session you will learn how to customize shoes, create art for your room and gifts for your parents.

Cooking - Just the Basics

Learn how to survive on what you have in your fridge! You will learn how to make simple meals that will get you started on the road to cooking success!! Did you know that cooking encourages thinking, problem-solving, and creativity? It also helps you apply counting, measurement, sequencing, following directions, and cause and effect! So, come join Stephanie Staggs to learn through doing..... and eating!!

* available for 5th-8th graders

Ready, Set, Drone!

In Ready, Set, Drone! camp, students take to the skies with mini drones! Housing a thrilling, hands-on aerial robotics platform, is the perfect introduction to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Doodle Doo with Ruby Lu

Join me, Jennifer Hamm, for drawing and doodling! You will discover the joy of art through doodling and drawing and learn how I turned my passion for art into my career and side business.

Rover Rodeo

Are you interested in programming? Learn some basic coding skills while programming a robot car to drive, honk, and more.

*Available for 5th-8th graders - 1 session per day

Lego Science

Legos will meet science in this hands-on class. Experiments will include building Lego cars propelled by balloons and constructing Lego "mousetraps."

*Available for 1st-4th graders - 1 session per day

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We look forward to seeing you at Paris ISD's 2nd Annual WildCAMP!

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