Year 2 Newsletter

7th March 2014

What have we done this week?

What a brilliant Book Week we have had! The children have explored features of non-fiction texts and labelled their own diagrams, have heard stories in a variety of different languages and have created posters, bookmarks and written book reviews of their favourite stories! In addition, the whole school have been working on building unique characters throughout the week with each year group working on an area of the character's body - you will be able to see these on display in the near future! On Thursday, KS1 took part in a round robin of activities based on the story Handa's Surprise and also created their own story based on one of van Gogh's paintings. Friday was the finale with our parade and the children's book characters showed lots of creativity, imagination and hard work oN the part of the parents - Thank you! See below for some photos of the week.


This is the last week of the 'grid' homework activities. If your child has, for one reason or another, already finished the grid, they should write a report about this week's Book Week, taking care to use connectives and to make it as exciting as possible! Next week will see the introduction and preparation for project based homework.