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Minecraft is a game where you can battle each other or you can build anything you want! It has sheeps, pigs, cows, rabbits, dogs, ocelots, and a whole lot of other animals! The game lets you mine for iron and a bunch more ores, like coal, gold, diamond, and even emerald. You are also able to make armor out of diamonds, gold, iron, and leather. You can also make tools , including swords, pickaxes, hoes, shovels, and axes. Out of diamond, gold, iron, stone, and wood. You can attack monsters including, spiders, creepers, (a monster that explodes when it gets close to you) zombies, Enderman (A monster that if you look into their eyes you can die), and skeletons. There is also a boss. It is called the EnderDragon and when you build a certain portal you enter this type of fortress where the Dragon lives and if you don't have the right materials to kill it, then it will kill you!
Minecraft Xbox - Friendly Henry [113]

Movie Review

The actors to this show are Jean-Luc Bilodeau: Ben Wheeler, Derek Theler: Danny Wheeler and Kayleigh Harris: Emma Wheeler. This show took place in 2012-2016. To not get pregnant, or to not become a dad at a young age. Ben becomes a dad to an unexpected girl, Emma, whose mother left her on the front doorstep to his apartment. Ben didn't know how to be a dad to a little girl, so he asked his friends to help him. I like this show because it is about a dad who is in his twenties or so, and he wasn't ready to become a dad. He named his daughter Emma and Emma’s mother left her with all of the paperwork. Ben wasn't finding the right girlfriend. Ben was in and out of many relationships. Then he found the right girl, but found out she was pregnant with a little boy. He was so surprised that he said some things that ruined their relationship. He became a single dad again.
#BabyDaddy 1.01 - That's Riley!

Giant Panda & Red Panda's

The giant panda is one of the largest pandas in the whole world! The giant panda grows to be 5-6 feet tall! The adult giant panda weighs to be about 200-300 pounds. The mother giant panda usually takes 12 hours to feed the young. The giant panda cubs usually stay with the mother for about two years.

The red panda has long, red, soft fur. The red panda usually weighs about 6-12 pounds! The red panda is most likely than giant pandas to eat bamboo and other fruits and vegetables. The red panda sleeps in trees for most of the day. The red panda has a pale face.
Life of Giant Pandas - Full Documentary

Nursery Rhyme

A fly named Flash and a bumblebee named Becky fell in love. Flash and Becky got married at a church called Crusties Dale Church. When they went home, Becky yelled at Flash for eating too much of the dog’s food. Then Flash yelled at Becky for bringing too much pollen into their tiny little home. They usually go to Crusties Dale Church to hang out with their friends, and they also go inside the humans “Mansion”, but their favorite place is the doghouse because they eat the dog food. The day they got married was August 15, 2005, at 6:33 P.M. The reason why Flash and Becky got married was because Flash and Becky went to school together for a very long time, and they dated for a while, but Flash thought that they have been dating long enough, so he asked the big question! Becky said yes, so they both decided to get married at their favorite church Crusties Dale Church.
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