Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade 1/29

Language Arts

Focus this week:

* completing the novel Chasing Vermeer with summaries and discussion groups

* mystery novels were due Thursday; in-class activity of drawing a scene of the book and then cutting it out using the shapes of pentominoes.

* puzzle-pictures were presented today

* Spelling & Vocabulary tests

Next week:

* February genre is Prose, poetry/drama

* Book groups/literature circles using different books

* Students WILL NOT need to find a book of their own for February because I provide their books

Social Studies

Focus this week:

*Chapter 5 test review - ends our time in the PA book (pushed test to Monday)

Next week:

* back to the Regions!

* beginning with NE

* Bare books -to write facts/infographics on each region. These books will be on display during the State Fair (May 16th)

Teacher's Note

* Because of my absence this week I am pushing the social studies test to Monday

* All school Mass on Tuesday @ 1:30

* February calendars going home next week

* If you have any questions please contact me