Low Vision and Blindness

Tyler Stewardson

Definition and Description

Definition and Description

Low Vision- Reduced level of function vision that cannot be fully corrected with correctional glasses, contact lenses, or surgery

Blindness- No functional vision and may only be able to perceive shadows or movement

Major Characteristics

Intellectual characteristics- students with visual impairments have cognitive, academic, social and emotional, and behavioral effects depending on the severity of there condition

Play and social interaction skills- Due to not be able to see well children often miss out on developing social skills, students will often engage in solitary play and may not understand nonverbal cues

May be less assertive than there peers- might have difficulties making friends since they lake the social interaction skills

Become disoriented by quick and sudden movements


Between 0.04% to 0.1% of children have visual disabilities and receive special education

About two-thirds of children with visual disabilities have more than one disability.

2007 NFB Youth Slam

Household Accomidations

Lighting- add extra lighting and light hazardous areas like entries and stairways

Contrast- Paint objects in the house to make them stand out (electrical sockets, thermostats, oven dials, switch plates)

Label and Mark-Post bold black lettering to label household items and mark dangerous areas like stairs or doorways with bright paint or tape.

Arrange furniture so it does not stick out, do not keep doors halfway open, and remove electrical cords and other objects the child could trip on from walking areas.

Boston Bruins Visit Perkins School for the Blind


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