Innocence and Experience

Tamara Collins

Learn from your past mistakes and use them to become a better person

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Grandma and Grandpa

My grandma practically is my bestfriend. I tell her everything and she always encourages me to do my best in everything. She helps me through all my problems and she keeps me motivated to always do my best. She keeps me looking up and finding the good in every thing. My grandpa has the best advice and is the jokester in the family. He keeps the peace between us all and loves unconditionally. He cheers me on & supports me in almost all my decisions.


2001 to present day

Now, For my story...

My Plot

When I went into 6th grade, I honestly don't know what I was expecting. Maybe that It would be like elementary? Maybe nobody would talk bad about each other and that'd it'd be an easy year? How wrong was I. From the start of 6th grade, I started being bullied. I'd be called names, cyber bullied, and made fun of constantly.

In 7th grade, I use to go to a church that I really didn't like. He would preach really weird things and made it sound like you had to give money to the church or else and that if you didn't come every Sunday, you weren't an actual christian. ( Which is false) So, we obviously went to a different one that I absolutely love. When we first came, everybody was so welcoming and nice. They still are. We have occasional bonfires and grill-outs. Once every month, we all have a lunch together and its all home-made food! They've changed me so much and they all mean so much to me. They've brought me closer to god than I ever thought I could be.

One huge mistake that I made this last summer was engaging in a fight between my friends. They turned against me and went and had spread rumors about me to all my friends. When they sent me that text, I should've just ignored it. I honestly wish I didn't have phone at times, it would've stop so much unnecessary drama.

My turning point

As the year went on (6th grade), the bullying slowed down immensely. I didn't know then, and I still don't know, why they stopped randomly... i'm not complaining though. That experience strengthened me and made me a better person. Over the summer, my friends really hurt me, and I trusted them with everything. They knew all my secrets and they had went and told everybody, and they posted it on Twitter and Instagram. I was so hurt. That experience made me realize that I need to watch who I trust, and to not tell my friends everything.
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