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Gender stereotypes & Sexism

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Women know your limits

According to the sketch that I just look, where women are reflected as a pretty ones and sweet, also fragile and who do not express their opinions personally I think that this kind of opinion could be thought some years ago but nowadays in our society is very difficult to find it. It's true there's some sexism and male chauvinism but in fact, women can participate in politics and also can study and of course, go to the University. And according again with the video, the women who go to University do not become ugly and fat like happen in the sketch. In fact, some times women have better marks at academics than men.

Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield - BBC comedy

What would you do?

I have seen a video of the ABC news called "You can't be a princess" and I was real shock because of the reaction of Quentin's mother and the other people who were in the shop looking for a costume for their children. The situation is this: Quentin wants to dress as a princess for Halloween and his mother disagree because she says that is a girl costume. Quentin has others options, as a Spiderman costume.

And also there is a girl who wants to wear a Spiderman costume and her mother of course disagree this option because she says that it's a boy costume.

But in my personal opinion, I believe that if I were in this situation (Quentin's mother) I would react as let the child choose the princess costume or whatever he likes because it is what makes he more comfortable with himself and the most important thing, he is telling to you.

'You Can't Be a Princess': WWYD?

Child's Junior MasterChef win overshadowed by his sexism remark

I readed an adapted new from The Guardian where it explains the comment made by Victor Beltran in the TV show MasterChef Junior (Spanish version) that was: "My goodness, Im surrounded by girls, and girls already Know how to clean because of genetics."

This remark was commented in all the medias of Spain and other countries because to be a sexist comment.

Let me give also my opinion. In my point of view I disagree this behaviour because is a sexist comment but I firmly believe that he is just a child (this do not mean an excuse to can say it) and also I want to say that he only reflects very clearly our society attitude and these kind of comments and epressions are not the good way to educate our "future".

A speech made by a person who convinced and American toy company to change the way they made and sold toys

In this video we can see a talk ade by a thirteen years old girl who think that everybody can make a change of something. To summarise, in this case she wants that big companies produce an equal gender stereotype toys (the colours, the texture...)

So if I think of a problem in the world that I would like to help fix, it would be try to change or better, try to reduce the contamination that we produced. (This topic isnot about sexism but also is a big problem, and of course you can try to help fix something related with gender stereotypes or whatever you like). So like I was saying, we might to make aware that we must recycle because if we do not do this we can contaminate the water, we can change the climate cycle, also we can contaminate the forest and landscapes...

So why not? Make your change, you can do it!

Want to be an activist? Start with your toys - McKenna Pope

DIY is in decline because today's men are too soft

"As a traditional roles have changed, today's men are more like their mothers tha their fathers. No wonder DIY is dying out, says Martin Daubney." (adapted from The Telegraph. October 26, 2014)

So, do you also think men are becoming soft? Do you think would it be better for them to have traditional masculine roles like the author of the article suggest or should they do things that women are expected to do such as changing diapers?

From my point of view, I disagre with the author of the article and I am proud to say men should do things that women are expected to do because nowadays it make up part of our society and our culture. But on the other hand, I firmly believe that men are not losing their masculine roles. We also must be realistic, there are something that women can not do because of her few strength, for instance.

Now it's your turn, what do you think?

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TV Series

The video that I have seen is from the TV Series Friends. Where the protagonists Ross and Rachel need a babysitter for their baby and the candidate is a young man.

After have seen the video, do you think Ross is right and there are certain jobs that men should not do? What about what kind of jobs can do a man or a woman?

My personal opinion about Ross is this: I believe that he isn't right about if there are certain jobs that men should not do. I think everyone can be a babysitter, a woman or a man, do not matter the gender. In fact, the most important thing to can be a babysitter is to like children if not we have a very important problem!

For the second question, I would like to say that everyone is free to choose his job, do not matter the gender in case of specific jobs. But why is strange to see a man practicing nursery or kindergarden teacher, is because is "a women job", no of course! Or in case of women, they also can be an engineer, a president or a football player.

Now you might think about with jobs are associated with women and wich for men, also why and if it is true or not.

Friends: Male Nanny