Dazzler Team News October 2015

Last Quarter Joy

Let's get ready to rumble

Ok its here, 11 Fridays till Christmas. There is no more time to sit back and plan what you are going to achieve in Q4, you're in it, its started and you'd better hang onto your tiaras because this is the season to Rock. We have had so many gorgeous new gals join the team that many of you will not know what fun and what sales a Christmas season can bring so now is the time to make a pledge that you are going to sprinkle sparkle dust wherever you go and max out your earning potential and all the opportunities there are.

So easy steps, first you decide what you want the next three months to bring you. £2000, £5000, £10000. A promotion to Director, to Associate Stylist, to Star. It doesn't matter it's what makes you happy BUT for goodness sake think big- think audacious - think hairy. If you can easily make your goal then it isn't stretching you it's just tooooo comfortable

So I will out myself and share mine. This month I would adore for our team to make the first EXECUTIVE TEAM promotion in Europe. Yes that's us, as a team The Dazzlers Executive Director team, but here's the thing I can't do it by myself. I need you gals. We need two directors and 4 stars in separate legs as a minimum and we need 500,000TQV. Yep is that hairy you bet it is but can we do it, yes we can. If everyone reaches forward and makes their own goal that in turn will propel their upline and their upline and so it goes on. Together we achieve everything and this is why your sponsors, leaders and uplines are constantly there for you supporting you and motivating you to reach for what you didn't think was possible. So my darling gals let's do this thing... are you with me ???? because I am most certainly with you xoxoxo

Upping the Ante

just imagine

here is a scenario

you have 4 shows this month

you average sales of £450.00 per show from 8 buying guests

450.00 x 4 = £1800 monthly sales

£1800 - VAT = £1500

you earn £1500.00 x 25% = £375.00

Ok so lets just imagine that that your average order for the 450.00 show is 56.25 with 8 buying guests

Lets play with some numbers... what happens when you hostess coach to get one more order?

That's another 56.25 x 4 = £225.00 in sales for the month

and lets imagine that you up sell the TSEO to half of the buying guests even of its only the hematite studs

That's another 12.50 per 4.5 buying guests x 4 shows

That's another £225.00 of sales on the month

Which in total has brought your monthly sales total to £1800.00 + £450.00 = £2250

£2250.00 -VAT =£1875

You Earn 30% = £562.50

An EXTRA £ £187.50 !!!!!!

and you did the same number of shows

all you did was add one more buying guest and upsold 4.5 of the guests a pair of 12.50 earrings !!!

Interested well do the maths and join my increasing show average call on Sunday 11th at 6pm

UK 03306061198 IR 014373653

Room no 752194

Pin 1672

my month

as always here are my figures for September

personal sales PQV 5747.16

personal income £1285.94

team sales TQV 228876

Team income £4972.02

Total £6257.96

want this ask me how x

Save the Date

Our annual Dazzlers January Jamboree is just three months away and I need you to "save the date"

On Saturday 9th January we will be having a full day of fun training kudos recognition and all round celebration of 2015 and serious goal settings for 2016. Join your leaders for this amazing day and if you fancy celebrating into the night with our pyjama party dinner and zumba then join us for an overnight stay too. I will be sending a separate newsletter out with costs and venue etc but get that date in your diary right now. You will not want to miss it. there were 100 of us last year and it was fabulous x