Color Blindness

Diagnostic tests

When you are being tested to see if you have Color Blindness you will be asked about your medical history and symptoms you have had recently. Then you will be asked to take a eye and vision test. Which is usually followed by being referred to and an ophthalmologist (eye specialist), who will usually have you take a Ishihara Plate Test and/or an arrangement test such as a Farnsworth 100-Hue test to make sure if are actually Color Blind.

Treatment and Help Groups

There is no existing treatment for inherited Color Blindness, so most people with it most of the time just learn how to adapt and learn the difference between colors. They can also use different types of Color Collective glasses and contacts to make their vision seem normal for certain levels of Color Blindness. However there are medications for acquired Color Blindness that reduce the chances of you becoming Color Blind. Some support groups/ organizations that are helping someone's family or themsleves are the Colour Blind Awareness Group, The National Association for the Advancements of Color Blind People, the National Eye institute, and Prevent Blindness America.