Persuasion & Propaganda Techniques

The Art of Persuasion

Key Terms

Why do advertisers use PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES?

They are methods of persuasion - not based on fact - which are used to make arguments more persuasive or convincing.

propaganda (n) - ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc.

Propaganda Techniques


persuades you to go along with the crowd, everyone does it or believes it, it must be right or good.

Change My Mind: Bandwagon

Citing Statistics

Supplies facts, figures, statistics, data and other evidence to persuade the audience. This is more than just numbers- they use the numbers and data to convince you to buy or support a cause.

Often times it may be stated 9 out of 10 doctors recommend it, 80% of the people love it, or they may use graphs and charts to support their cause.


Using famous people or endorsements by public figures (sports, athletics, actors, etc) to sell ads.

Plain Folks Appeal

Using the common, everyday person to support the product (mothers, fathers, grandparents, kids, or pets).

This techniques is the OPPOSITE of testimonial, they want to try to appeal to as many people as possible; politicians often use this technique.
Propaganda Plain Folks

Loaded words / emotional appeal

Uses emotionally charged words that will produce strong positive or negative feelings (love, greed, desire)

appeal to emotion video

Ethical Appeal

It appeals to the audience that a certain message is for the goodwill, good sense or good moral character.

Glittering Generalities

A broad statement that has little substance. Important sounding but, unspecific claims (general statements) “the right stuff, simply the best, or the real thing."

GENERALLY you select this as you rule out all the other types of propaganda techniques.

Propaganda Glittering Generalities

More Propaganda Techniques and Vocabulary Terms to Know

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