Marvelous Marcus Mustangs

Weekly Newsletter for the week of October 17-21

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Shout OUTS!!!

  • Thank you to Mr. Lago, and Ms. Camarillo for inviting me to watch your AMAZING Reader's Theater! Your kids did a fantastic job!
  • Thank you to all teachers who welcomed our "Principal for the day" into their classrooms. Mrs. Reeder really enjoyed her visit, and looks forward to visiting us again closer to Winter Break.
  • Remember jeans Monday for 100% staff attendance on Thursday!

***Send Ms. Wallace your shout outs every week so we can share ALL of the AWESOME news!

Positive Communication Logs

We are continuing our positive communication logs. Please make at least one positive phone call to a parent this week and put the date and name in your log.

The Admin team will also be making positive phone calls. We will choose a grade level a week. This week is first grade teachers please send an email by end of day Thursday with names of a student you would like the team to contact. (Mrs. A, Mrs. Cadet, Ms. Rose, Mrs. Whipple, Ms. Gray, Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Lara, Ms. Aldridge, Mr. Beard, Ms. Wallace).


1. Customer service is #1, please be intentional about how you greet, and treat every person who is staff at Marcus or DISD AND anyone who enters our building. BE PROUD!!! WE ARE AWESOME!

2. All in Learning and DOL Expectation:

****The expectation is that ALL staff utilize all in learning a minimum of twice weekly*****

This week the expectation is all staff is utilizing All in Learning, and moving towards moving assignments into the progress tracker (2 DOL's a week) and assigning a TEK from the standards.

We will begin having conversations around data in the progress trackers the week October 10th in lesson planning and with instructional coaches. If you need assistance with this get with an instructional coach. Currently we have only one staff member that has created a progress tracker in All in Learning.

3. CLAY Leadership program is not optional. These volunteers have given up their time to come and teach leadership traits to our students. This is an honor! Please accept the volunteers with open arms, and assist if possible. Teachers do need to stay in the room during the lesson, try and work the trait they are discussing into your weekly teachings.

4. Recess

-Friendly reminder that recess cannot be taken from a student according to district policy. Remember to utilize GoNoodle!

-Please make sure all staff members are strategically placed all around the playground area and actively monitoring during recess.

Upcoming Dates:

10/17-PD after school-Teachers attend in library-Topic: Grading

10/19-All feeder pattern librarians will be at Marcus for meeting

10/21-CLAY program beginning at 1:30 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th

10/24-Red Ribbon Week

10/24- Vertical planning after school

10/27 Muffins with mom at 7:15 in courtyard (all hands on deck)

10/28-Marcus Fall Carnival 4:00-7:00 (Decide what "booth" our grade level will do)

11/1-STEM night WT White 6-8pm (Math and Science teachers have Marcus booths/activities)

11/4-CLAY program beginning at 1:30 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th

11/8 Fifth grade extended planning

11/9 Fourth grade extended planning

11/10 Third grade extended planning

11/10 PTA 4th and 5th-CLAY Program 6pm (4th and 5th teachers attend)

11/15 Second grade extended planning

11/16 First grade extended planning

11/17 Kinder extended planning

11/18-CLAY program beginning at 1:30 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th

11-21 Week of Thanksgiving break