Principal Update

May 10th -14th, 2021

Message Content: Arrival after the Bell, Dream Box, Compacted Math Grade 6, Hybrid, Summer School and Summer Opportunities..

BMS Families,

Last week we celebrated our fabulous teachers with Teacher Appreciation Week. We would like to thank the Beaumont PTA for providing lunch for staff, as well as Starbucks, Grand Central Bakery, and Mr. & Mrs. Littlejohn's Family for providing treats for Thursday morning. We appreciate you helping to celebrate our staff.

After The Bell

Please note, if your student arrives after the bell rings for class, they must enter the building at the Bryce Street entrance. At the Bryce entrance, they will find a buzzer that rings into the office. We will ask them to come directly to the office to check-in. We will make sure they have used the hand sanitizer prior to entering class.

Have an awesome week!


Beaumont Admin

Dreambox Challenge

The DreamBox Spring Challenge is officially over and congratulations Beaumont, as a school we completed 3,224 lessons during the challenge! This makes our total for the year 25,563 lessons. Amazing work and even though the challenge is over, keep up the great work and great progress by continuing to complete DreamBox each week!

Compacted Math Placements: 6th Grade Families (Only)

Compacted Math Placements: 6th Grade Families (Only)

Compacted Mathematics means that students learn 3 years of mathematics in 2 years. Over two years students cover everything from Grade 7 and Grade 8 common core mathematics plus high school Algebra. Students who earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in CY1 and CY2 will earn high school Algebra credit.

Please complete the 6th Grade Family Survey by May 14th, 2021. For questions, please contact our Math Instructional Coach, Ms. Suckow at

Summer School

Beaumont is slated to have 60 spots for PPS Summer School Academy. We are working with teachers to identify students to recommend for the slots. This academy will be housed at Roseway Heights Middle School. Transportation will be provided. Parents of the students selected will receive a phone call to confirm their desire to have their child participate in the academy.

The program dates are July 7th through August 6th, 2021.


Welcome, Young Writers, incoming grades 6-9! Join us for an exciting time of writing, talking, reading—and more writing! In these online writing workshops, students will turn their digital notebooks to a new page. They will locate the stories they carry, take risks in writing, learn to turn memory into fiction, fiction into poetry. They will write to a wide variety of prompts while honing their writing skills through craft lessons that build both language dexterity and knowledge of genres. Students will join an OWP writing instructor with other students in their age group. After reading and discussing prompts, students will write online. During class time, learners will also use digital video conferencing to share their writing with other students and the instructor to get live feedback and support in their writing. Groups will be separated by incoming grades 6 & 7, and incoming grades 8 & 9. See flyer below.