A Year in Review




Biggest Companies


Amazon grew to dominate the online shopping market with amazon prime and other marketing strategies.


Apple Continues to be one of the top companies world wide with the marketing and release of several new products including the iPhone 6s, Apple Watch, and Apple Pencil.

Top Products

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WORST Products

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Top Movies

Through previews and commercials Disney was able to market enough to break-even through merchandise sales before Star Wars hit the box office.
With expert marketing strategies including the creation of an official website, the fourth movie of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World broke box office records when released in early June 2015.

Top Artists

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Even though Adele uses a very different approach to her marketing, refusing to appear in commercials, play at festivals, or appear at endless interviews, she was known as one of the top artists of 2015.
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By reliesing mix tapes, clips of songs on twitter and withholding from immediate release on pop radio, Drake creates a personal feel with his followers in order to market his music, making him one of the top artists of the time.

Most Influential Public Figures

DJ Kahled

DJ Khaled has become famous and very influential on the internet for his inspirational quotes.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has (unfortunately) become the most outspoken and radical presidential candidate for the 2016 election making him (again unfortunately) extremely influential on his followers views.

Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner came out as transgender in early summer, creating huge movement in feminism and transgender acceptance.

Kanye West

Kanye west is one of the most influential artists with his successful rapping career, marriage to Kim Kardashian, and anouncement of his entering the 2020 presidential race

Kim Kardashion

With her extreme popularity from television, social media, and her marriage to Kanye West, Kim is one of the most influential people of 2015.

New Years Resolutions

Personal improvement

I will try to get a reasonable amount of sleep every night.

Family and Friends

I will try to get better at texting back more consistently and communication in general

School and the Outside world

I will try to get all As for the year and get into my top college.