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Michelle's World

Here is a peek into why I am here!!!

Hi! My name is Michelle and I'm from Andover, KS. I graduated from being Home Schooled in 2000 after I decided that I wanted to start a family really early in life. I'm working on my last Semester and am hoping to be able to walk across the stag in May. I am working on a simple Associates in Liberal Arts, I don't plan on transferring anywhere or going any further. I am trying to set an example for my children. My words to them are " No matter what life throws at you it is never to late to go to school."

I am a 9-1-1 Dispatcher and have been handling the call for 10 years now, I love every crazy day we have. I'm taking this course for two reasons first one is because it is a GE requirement. The second being I love Literature all genres but Drama and Poetry are my favorites. I'm not very good at proper grammar ( I barely got a middle C in Comp 1) , so I'm pretty nervous for the class!

I'll show you in the next couple of slides how else I occupy my time and what fun is for me!!!

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This is me and my whole world. From left to right-

Tori my 13. (who thinks she is 25)


Chris my amazing husband.

William my 15 year old who is taller then all of us at the house.

The little princess in white is our granddaughter Aryanna and to her right is our amazing daughter Breanna.

I almost forgot!!!

I can't believe I almost forgot to introduce our four legged baby boy. His name is Alexander, but he goes by Alex for short. He is a two year old black lab mix that was rescued from the middle of a corn field in the county. He was just dumped when he was